Author: paulhartley2013

way finding

During the pandemic many people appear to have gone adrift. Without the usual routines, largely ordered by work and family or both, the warp and weft of everyday life seems to have come undone. From what we read and see in the media this resulted, for some, in feeling of anxiety, low mood and even depression. However we rail against the demands of our employment without it we are left unprepared for the consequences of its absence.

For others the picture is different. They seems to find opportunities; to care, to explore, develop new skills and interests. The Newsletter of Columbia University, New York has an article from Judith Matloff , War and Disaster Corespondent, suggests;

Set a schedule for rising, meals and bedtime. Resilience thrives with proper nutrition, and rest. This is not the time to self-medicate with drink or drugs. Get dressed as though you’re meeting people outside. Fill the day with projects and end it with pleasant rituals such as reading and catching up with friends over video. Build in time to exercise, from YouTube in the living room or outdoors. Consider what anchors and relaxes you—meditating, music, yoga or gardening. Watch funny movies. 

Our responses to change set us on paths which can be negative or positive, way finding in uncertain times demands a response but also a response preceded by a moments pause. Setting out to explore and make and take up new routines gives us the opportunity to slow down a little and connect with our inner sense of knowing – trusting our sense of finding a positive direct.